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I don’t believe in all this abracadabra. But I saw the changes in my wife …I will never forget how she came back from her first session, her face was completely changed, full of light and she was smiling.

I also wanted to get rid of my fear so I took a Skype session. It is hard to describe what happened. How can you change 40 years of lifetime within 63 minutes?

If somebody told me this I would not believe them. In the end I was so relieved and full of joy that I started to cry out of gratitude. That had never happened to me.“

Andreas Kickhöfer, Real Estate Agent


 „The Theta Healing has done so much for me and helped me so much to move forward! Yesterday I received the incredible results of my blood test: the tumour marker in my thyroid went down by half (from 33 to 16)!! I am out of the danger zone! I don’t need surgery any longer and can keep my valuable thyroid! I am so relieved. I am deeply grateful for your patience and support during our meeting. I cannot thank you enough for this valuable encounter!”


"All of my life I have lived in fear, I am a born worrier and the result is that I lived in a constant state of stress which impacted on my health and the health of my relationships as well.

I spent an afternoon with Anne which was a very pleasant experience. To be honest, after the session I was unable to say exactly what had happened as I wasn’t sure myself, so I didn’t place too great an expectation on an outcome. About 6 weeks later I was in a situation at work where I normally have to manage my fear and stress levels and found myself without an ounce of fear. This was a bit of a shock to me and I thought something was wrong at first. Then over the next few weeks I became aware that I had no fear like I used to; it had gone, instead there was a sense of peace and acceptance. It was at this stage I realised that the session with Anne had accomplished exactly what I had asked for. I couldn’t quite believe it at first and kept looking for that old fear that used to reside within me, but it was gone. Anne has achieved what years of self management and meditation, preparation, control and illness had not managed, to free me from fear.

I have been back since to see Anne, and now realise just what a remarkable lady she is, and what she is able to do. I think everyone should have Anne in their life, why struggle with things when there is help at hand. Anne is now part of my life and wellbeing and I only wish I had found her years ago. Thank you for your gift Anne and for the help you give me."

Andrew Wilson, managing director

“Experiencing the instant healing from Theta, after being ill with Myalgic Encephalitis (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) for 4 and a half years and having been told that there is no cure, was the most amazing feeling, I could actually feel energy flood my body. I just want to thank you thank you thank you Anne!!!! I have so much energy and I feel so happy an light! Much love and gratitude for giving me my life back!”

Trinity Buckley, athlete

“Just to let you know my chronic headaches have cleared up the same day we did the session. Thank you thank you thank you.”

Richard Mowbray, Yoga Retreat owner and Healing Practitioner

 “When I met Anne, I was in such a state, I did not even feel like living. I was really negative, seeing the bad in everything. My son did not even let me go to the bathroom on my own and never stopped humiliating me. I felt like a prisoner. I had no idea how to cope with things at home. We did two sessions and now I feel much more upbeat, with more clarity. When something throws me off, I get back on my feet faster. The attitude of the boy has changed, he no longer humiliates me. The relationship with my husband is better. When something happens, I no longer get depressed. I solve the problem, that’s all. I give thanks to God for people like Anne who help so much!”

Teresa, housewife and mother of two

“There comes a time when just talking about limiting beliefs is simply not enough.  That’s where Theta Healing comes in.  It never ceases to amaze me that whatever limiting belief I bring to work with with Anne, how she, in her deeply intuitive way, can dig so deep to find that core belief that is tripping me up.  Often it is the deeper root cause of something I though I had dealt with years ago but no, there it is, still working it negative effect in  my subconscious.  In my last session I could literally feel the shift going on within me. This is the most powerful subconscious belief work I have come across and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone you feels that they’d like to clear the way to success, happiness, joy or whatever it is that makes your heart sing.”
Jessica McGregor Johnson - Life Guidance and Coaching

“Before our first appointment I was well aware of the fact that I had heartache from time to time, but it was not very often and I knew it was nothing coming from the body.

Well, after our first session I did not only realise that there was a major them around this pain, for I have no clue how long, maybe my whole life or at least since I am an adult, I felt that my heart was light and free. This feeling is absolutely amazing.

Parallel to our sessions I met a man and my issue was about man and I felt that I was able to open up to him. It took me three sessions and I feel great and free.

I can highly recommend you with all my heart! Thank you again very much for your amazing work.”

Angela Martina Heck, Intuition Coach


“Many thanks for the work that we did together! The changes after our session have been really impressive. The people have started to come and I am receiving all these requests for information on the courses. Those who had previously cancelled are signing up now and there is movement in all my courses, that is really wow! It’s wonderful and I am infinitely grateful to you and so happy!!“

Anonymous, Energy Healing Trainer

“I wanted to thank you for everything you are doing for me! The sessions have unleashed an incredible strength and clarity in me. It is as if my vision was suddenly much clearer. You are magical!”

G.P., Real Estate Agent


“I want to thank you, once again, for yesterday.  I have already thanked God/the Creator/Co-Creator, more than once. I can tell you that I feel hugely changed, lighter, freer and totally optimistic. You have been an important part of making changes in my life, thank you.”



 “I feel so great after our session that I would like to share it with you. I feel totally inspired and centred and 100% in my own energy since. Unbelievable! The tension in my upper back has resolved completely and I feel happier than ever. You and Spirit are really amazing and I thank the Universe for having facilitated our encounter!”

Anonymous, Shiatsu Therapist

“Thank you very much for today’s work. I feel that God has truly worked his wonder through you. I feel extremely blessed to have you as a teacher and therapist.”

Betty Favot, Reiki Master and Nutriotionist

„It has been an incredible euphoria the first days after our session. This feeling of being whole and being enough has been wonderful. The initial euphoria has settled down a bit, but I still have the feeling of wholeness and I can call upon the happiness any time….the change has been incredible, the fact that it is possible to just drop a whole backpack full of stones that you have been carrying is simply unbelievable!”

Rutger Dietgaarde, Physiotherapist

“I feel much better since the first day you treated me and I want to thank you for your great work and professionalism. I have been in the world of holistic healthcare and working with emotions for 15 years now and I must say when I worked with you I have seen huge changes in my life. When you removed certain behaviour patterns, life started to flow with more ease. Anne has helped many people, she is a great complement for my patients as well. Much gratitude!”

R.B., Osteopath

„One of the things I appreciate especially about Anne is, that even when her client is going through “exceptional” emotional states, she is still able to take this state as a given and keep her own experiences and opinions out of the picture, allowing the Spirit world to guide her so strongly, that in the end, there is always an excellent result!”  

Thomas S. DJ


"Everything keeps changing in my life, it’s so exciting… I’ve changed workplace inside the same firm, after years love has started to flow as if by magic, I feel more confident and I stopped being so attached to my parents’ house, feeling much more free and mature now.”


“You cannot imagine how much your therapies have helped me. After years of feeling guilty and unworthy because of my disease, you have showed me a different perspective of this experience. Last night I have slept for the first time in a long time until the alarm clock woke me up. I am so grateful!”

C.M., Herbalist

 "I still feel so light and joyful inside, and I know that is due to the Theta Healing! Ever since our session my whole life is just flowing! I am eternally grateful to you!“

Anonymous, Naturopath 


 “I feel more confident and with less anxiety after the sessions. I find it easier to ask for what I need and I am even more secure when it comes to figuring out my own needs. That has made the relationships with those close to me richer and more fulfilling.      

I am also less punishing of myself and able to check the “reality of what I’m thinking”…. because the sessions take me to such a deep place it feels like those dark unconscious thoughts are shed some light on and as such do not have the same power over me. My thinking is now more creative and alive.”

U.D., Interfaith Minister


“I had an amazing soul retreat session with Anne. Immediately, I felt something shifted… Anne is a wise, very respectful, warm woman! I recommend her!”

Katrin van de Water, Coach

“The retreat was like coming home after a storm. Anne brought me peace with myself, I was able to accept many things. Most of all, she has taught me to forgive myself and accept myself. To re-evaluate. She showed me that I am worthy, that I can do it, that I am strong and that I am a good mother. She filled my heart with joy. She taught me to be grateful for everything that surrounds us, and how to learn from each and every situation life presents me with. During her energetic work, her hands cleansed me from all negativity and took away all the pain I felt inside. Her intuition is astounding. She understood exactly what I was going through even if I didn’t find the words to express it. The retreat has been a life changing experience I will always be grateful for.” 

I.D., Entrepreneur

 “As soon as you meet Anne she puts you at ease. Very gentle she helps you to unravel sometimes deep and surprising issues, that have been holding you back from being your best. You feel that she hears and understands you as a person and encourages a healing to begin. Thank you Anne.”

W. v. W., State Registered Nurse and Reiki Master

"The session put a smile in my heart that still remains there. For the first time I feel it is possible for me to achieve what I want."

Anonymous, Clown

 "Anne’s intuition really impressed me. She knew in every moment exactly where to go next to find the root of the issue. Thanks to her work, abundance has started to flow in my life." 


 “I feel relieved and so freed up after working on the issue with my family. I am also much more centred."


"When I came out of the session I realized I was suddenly walking straight, felt taller than before and the pain in my shoulders had gone after lifting the load I had been carrying. I feel lighter by at least 10 kilos."


​“ After the session I feel much more free, as if all of my self imposed limitations  had suddenly dropped off....all over sudden, I was able to watch my own thoughts and see, what I was doing...that was amazing!“


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