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Discover the best version of yourself


Life is really the story we tell about it. My passion is to help those who want to tell a different story and make lasting changes in their lives.

About me

Having started my professional career in very different area, as a translator and interpreter, at first I was surprised when a healer told me that I should dedicate myself to the healing arts. At the time I had no interest in alternative therapies. Another one followed and yet another one and finally I began to listen to these messages I was getting. It was in 2007 that my deep connection with nature led me to enroll in Shamanic Studies in Ireland. After two years I went on to studying other disciplines such as Sound Therapy, Energy Healing, Intuitive Anatomy and Theta Healing ancient Hawaiian Healing methods and also trained with the prestigious American neuroscientist Dr. Joe Dispenza. For me a healer is someone who is up to date with his or her own inner work and as a result he or she is able to create a safe space for others who want to make profound changes in their lives. I am passionate about putting my intuition at the service of those who want to free themselves from their limitations and create the life they really want live. 

I can help you with...
  •          Relationships

  •          Eating disorders, loosing or gaining weight ​

  •          Addictions​

  •          Fear and Anxiety​

  •          ​Issues with trust, confidence and self esteem issues

  •          Grieving the loss of a beloved one

  •          ​Living in abundance

  •          Sleep problems

  •          ​Lack of energy

  •          ​Depression, lack of direction and motivation

  •          ​Feelings of guilt, etcetera

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