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Discover the best version of yourself

Life is really the story we tell about it.
My passion is to help those who want to tell a different story and make lasting changes in their lives

About me 

Having started my professional career in very different area, as a translator and interpreter, at first I was surprised when a healer told me that I should dedicate myself to the healing arts. At the time I had no interest in alternative therapies. Another one followed and yet another one and finally I began to listen to these messages I was getting. It was in 2007 that my deep connection with nature led me to enroll in Shamanic Studies in Ireland. After two years I went on to studying other disciplines such as Sound Therapy, Energy Healing, Intuitive Anatomy and Theta Healing ancient Hawaiian Healing methods and also trained with the prestigious American neuroscientist Dr. Joe Dispenza. For me a healer is someone who is up to date with his or her own inner work and as a result he or she is able to create a safe space for others who want to make profound changes in their lives. I am passionate about putting my intuition at the service of those who want to free themselves from their limitations and create the life they really want live. 

I can help you with
  •           Relationship issues

  •           Fear and anxiety ​

  •           ​Confidence and self-esteem 

  •           ​Developing your intuition​

  •           Moving on from past trauma

  •           ​Living in abundance

  •           Lack of energy

  •           ​Depression, lack of direction and motivation

  •           ​Feelings of guilt, anger, regret

  •             Attracting a compatible partner

  •           Growing your business

  •           You try to loose weight and it doesn’t work.

  •           You want to conceive a child and it is not                happening.

  •           You feel lost and without direction.   

  •           Your thoughts us go around in circles and              you don’t know how to stop them.·   

  •           You feel stuck, not knowing how to move                forward.

  •           You have one disease after another.

  •           As soon as money comes in, it’s already                  gone….


Life is not something that is happening to you that you can do very little about it. Living like this is disempowering. In Theta Healing we believe that we always have a choice. We can approach our lives from a place of victimhood, or from a place of responsibility. If you are ready to take full responsibility for your life, it means you have the power to change things. That is something only you can do! I am here to support you with that change.


Theta Healing goes back to the source of the problem and removes the obstacles and blocks that disempower you so that you can go forward and co-create your life in a powerful way.

Whatever circumstance you have in your life that feels limiting which you have been unable to resolve, Theta Healing is the answer.  


For example​

  • Your relationships never work out.

  • You try to loose weight and it doesn’t work.

  • You want to conceive a child and it is not happening.

  • You feel lost and without direction.

  • You feel at the mercy of your emotions.

  • You feel disconnected from life and yourself.

  • You are fearful and it stops you living fully.

  • You can’t let go of the past.

  • Your thoughts go around in circles and you don’t know how to stop them.

  • You feel stuck, not knowing how to move forward.

  • You have one disease after another.

  • As soon as money comes in, it’s already gone….


This is not a definitive list – let’s chat and see how I can help you with your specific problem.

I work with you if you want to make fast, lasting changes in your life.


How does it work?

With a simple, guided visualization we enter the theta brainwave pattern, which gives us access to the subconscious mind while being awake and aware at the same time. Once we are in theta, we ask questions to the subconscious that allow us to dig deep until we find the root belief that sustains the circumstance you wish to change. We then erase this program and substitute it for another one, that allows you to be where you truly want to be. During this process we use kinesiology muscle testing in order to verify the information in your system and after changing the information we test once again to make sure the programs have been modified.


How many sessions do I need?

That depends on what it is you want to change and on the „baggage“ that is present or the work that has already been done. Turning around a fully loaded cargo vessel may take longer than a small canoe. Both end up changing course, but the turning radius will be different in both cases.

In order to make lasting changes, I always recommend to commit to a series of three to five sessions. Although in my experience some issues even resolve in a single session.



The Inner Sound Tuning Forks are sounded next to the ear.  The sound waves penetrate the body and travel through the connective tissue. These pure the sounds encourages a release of tension and deep relaxation, activating the body’s self-healing powers.

Sound affects us deeply because it is one of our body’s own mechanisms for regulating biological processes. Sound therapy works on the principle of ‘sympathetic resonance’ – one vibrating object producing spontaneous movement in another. 

Everything in Nature vibrates, in the human being every bone, every organ and every tissue have a resonant frequency. When an organ or body part no longer vibrates in the „right“ frequency, a blockage may be present whether on the physical, mental, emotional or energetic level. The blockage is eased or dissolved by „re-attuning“ this area and re-establishing the natural frequency.

This re-attunement is a gentle and highly effective deep healing process, which affects all levels of being, because the frequencies produced by the tuning forks reach the physical as well as the subtle bodies.

The Inner Sound Tuning Forks are based on the Schumann earth cavity frequency, which has proven to be fundamental for regulating the biological rhythms in all living being on planet earth. 

For the best and long standing results with the Inner Sound Tuning forks we build up the power over eight sessions – each session deepening the level that the sound can work within your body.  


Many people report feeling rejuvenated, de-stressed, balanced, relaxed and grounded, they have enhanced energy and vitality, as well as having better concentration, more clarity and increased creativity.


Tuning Forks can also help improve issues such as stress related issues, joint problems, hearing issues, weight imbalance, allergy symptoms, sinus issues, sleep problems, abdominal and back pain etc.


Many of the rites of passage that were so important in ancient cultures have been lost today. But there are moments in the life of a person that mark significant turning points. These moments of transition always come with insecurity, because they mean having to leave behind something old and welcoming a new phase in life. Traditionally, these rituals were celebrated in community, because they have the purpose to publicly declare this change on one hand and ask for the support of the community on the other. That is why we normally celebrate these ceremonies in groups. However, if you prefer, they can also be individual. One thing all ceremonies have in common is that they are celebrated in Sacred Space. It may be a round birthday, a retirement, a divorce or the loss of a beloved one, I design your personal ceremony for this important moment in your life. As this is something very personal, there is a prior phase of getting to know each other so that I can create something truly meaningful and powerful for the occasion. I create and hold Sacred Space for you, so that you can step forward into this new place.

Some of the elements we may use are flowers, water, fire and other natural elements, chanting and prayer.



What is Space Clearing?

All our thoughts and actions leave energetic imprints on objects and in the surroundings. The more they repeat, the stronger these imprints become. This energy affects our wellbeing and we can all feel the difference between entering a sacred space that makes us feel light, relaxed and joyful and entering a space where there are constant arguments, which seems dense and where we feel uncomfortable and have an urge to leave or start getting a headache.

Space clearing takes care of the energetic residues and imprints left behind by thoughts, emotions, actions and other forms of detrimental energy in a place.


When do I need Space Clearing?

  • When you move into a new space (house, office, shop)

  • After a divorce or end of a relationship

  • After a disease or when finishing therapeutic treatment

  • After the death of a beloved

  • You can also benefit from space clearing if you have difficulty sleeping, lack of energy, if abundance is not flowing in your life, if you feel confused or suffer from lack of future vision and if you are often sad or unmotivated.



Gift yourself with two tailor-made days just for you!

Do you feel overwhelmed with the demands of your daily life? Are you stuck inside a loop of thoughts and don’t know how to get out? Are there many voices in your head and you feel lost because you have no idea which one to listen to? Are constant worries about what might happen in the future or past regrets and resentments preventing you from enjoying the moment?


Take a step back, disconnect from your life and give yourself permission to encounter yourself!


These two days are not just meant to give you some time out, they are a space in which you can make profound changes in your life and gain a completely new perspective.


In the course of these two days, we find the root of the issue you are wanting to change and we make mental and emotional shifts that allow you to come away rejuvenated and with clarity about your life. You will also discover tools and information that will serve you the rest of your life.


There is nothing standard about this retreat. It adjusts completely to your needs. This is your retreat and my time is dedicated to you and everything you wish to achieve.


Discovery Call

We connect over Skype or telephone and talk about what is happening in your life, where you feel stuck, how you can benefit from this retreat and what you are aiming at achieving with the retreat. You will also have a chance to ask me any questions about how the retreat works. If we both agree that the retreat is a good option for you, we set a date and I send you an agreement and information for participating. I then put together a personal program for you that will allow us, to make the desired changes.

AdobeStock_3403612 purchased.jpeg


What is an end of life reading?

Do you have a beloved one who has reached the end of this life and is suffering a lot? The body is in a place of no return and the doctors cannot explain why the person has not passed over yet, but for some reason he or she seems to be hanging on to this physical existence? Would you like to make it easier for them? I can help you with this.

With the consent of the person, I can do an intuitive reading on them to see what it is that keeps them from moving on. You may then know what they need in order to make a peaceful transition.

This can help the person and the family members to prepare the way for a smooth transition.

If forgiveness work is needed, for example, I can also walk you through that.

How did this come about?

I have recently found myself doing a number of these readings for friends who wanted to know what could be done so that their beloved one can end their struggle and leave at peace.

Every single time, the feedback on how important this information was and how much it helped in this difficult time has been so overwhelming, that I decided to make these readings part of my services.

How does it work?

You get the consent of the person and tell me their name and age. If the person is in a coma, do not worry. This work can be done whether the person is conscious or not, as we do not have a physical conversation with them, instead we speak to their higher self.

The reading is done at a distance. Once completed, we speak over Skype or phone and I inform you about the information I received what can be done to ease the path for the person.

I have often asked myself, why is it that there are so many preparations in place for when we are born into this life and none whatsoever when we exit it.

According to my beloved spiritual guide Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari, “The important thing is not how we enter into this life, but how we leave it.”

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